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Dr. Hans Leysieffer

German-born, originally from Munich, living and working in Zurich, Switzerland since 2003.

Completed my doctoral thesis in electrical engineering in Munich and devoted almost 30 years of my professional life to hearing science and research & development. Established my own medical device company and later became part of the top-management of a globally leading Swiss company for hearing aids ... always deeply dedicated to basic natural sciences.

Mainly inspired in my youth by the famous Jacques Cousteau, I always dreamed of making professional, emotional, and inspiring nature movies...

In 2011 I left my job and since then I have spent 100 % of my time in realising the dream as a serious free-lance film maker, heavily investing in high-end cinematic digital film equipment and my own 4K production studio in Zurich.

I have been living in beautiful Sardinia, Italy for several years and trained myself to become a serious cinematographer there ... always hunting for that "magical light" early mornings, late afternoons, dark nights, and sometimes heavy storms. I spent many months traveling around Switzerland shooting the amazing landscapes of Engadin and Wallis, and in 2017 took my equipment for a 10 000 mile journey through the stunning sceneries of Iceland to complete my archive for the final production of "Ars Natura". 

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