The Film

A non - verbal journey dedicated to our beautiful planet Earth, our only home

95 minutes of pure natural sceneries ...

no special effects, animations, or artificial light

... as close as possible as the eye can see and

based on an inspiring surround soundtrack

"Ars Natura" is a beautiful blend of stunning 4K images filmed in time lapse, real time, and slow motion using state of the art cinematic cameras, cine lenses, and today's latest 4K post production technologies.

Shooting locations include the bizarre coast lines of Sardinia, Italy with amazing rock formations, calm turquoise waters and heavy storms, impressive mountain areas in Engadin and Wallis, Switzerland, and many fascinating scenes from Iceland with never seen aerial shots of the impressive Laki craters, the multi-colored Landmannalaugar area, and the world famous Jökulsarlon ice laguna, also including many wildlife scenes like beautiful slow motion studies of birds in flight.

The inspiring soundtrack is composed of 35 titles from well known artists like Ludovico Einaudi, Keith Jarrett (the Köln concert from 1975), Joe Bonamassa, Rick Wakeman, and many other talented composers.


The Mission

Slow down ... be inspired ... be amazed 

"Ars Natura" is a contemplative, non-verbal, and emotional movie about the beauty of nature and life ... best described in the sense of Ron Fricke (former IMAX director of photography) of Koyaanisqatsi fame as a "guided meditation".

Please respect our amazing natural environment and begin to accept that we humans are not the center of the universe.

Contribute to the awareness of the fragility of our wonderful planet Earth

... the only home we have, now and in the future

The Production

"Ars Natura" was shot over 4 years exclusively in 6K/4K RAW format, carefully graded & edited on Blackmagic Davinci Resolve and a SONY BVM - X300/V2 reference monitor

All scenes have been shot with:

  • A - cameras: SONY Cinealta F65 and SONY Venice in SONY RAW-SQ/HFR

  • B - camera: Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro

  • Lenses: ZK and HK Fujinon cine zoom lenses, Sigma PL-converted long range tele-zoom, Tokina Cinema Vista wide angle zoom

  • Drone aerials: DJI Inspire 2 Platform with X5R/X5S/X7 cameras and Olympus Zuiko and DJI DL lenses

  • Rigging: OConnor and Sachtler fluid heads & tripods 

  • Motion by: Kessler Crane & MovieTech sliders/cranes

Post production made in my own "Moon Mood" Studio in Zurich Switzerland:

  • 2400 hours of post production

  • Grading & editing with Blackmagic Davinci Resolve 15

  • SONY BVM - X300/V2 reference and latest Samsung QLED and Panasonic OLED monitors

  • Video master: DPX 12 bit RGB, ProRes 4444

  • 4K / 2K Scope and UHD HDR10 versions available

  • 5.1 surround sound carefully loudness monitored to international standards (6 ch Genelec Studio Monitor)

  • Final Sound Design by Hastings AG Zurich, Switzerland

  • All music licenses cleared & contracted for EU/EFTA, USA, and Canada (including options for commercial distribution)

100 % of all movie rights owned by myself

The project has completely been self-financed

Making Of

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Post Production