Private World Premiere

December 8th 2018 in Zurich/Switzerland


"Ars Natura" has been screened first in a private premiere on

December 8th 2018 in a leading Zurich 145 seats cinema on Samsung's revolutionary Onyx Cinema LED screen in 4K widescreen.

The premiere was completely booked out.


Reactions and feedbacks from the audience:

"Outstanding and overwhelming cinema comes in: reading all colors and structures of our globe, warm light around, pure nature, pure life, pure natural forces all over in Hans Leysieffer's Opus Magnus "Ars Natura". Seducing Sardinian rocks and landscape, waterfilled Icelandic greens and waterfalls, Swiss glaciers and lakes are representing our mother earth in a very positive way using world leading cinematografic 4K technology. Being fascinated by and admiring power and health of leaves, waters and stone we are informed and impressed alike using keen camera shots, close-ups of living creatures, overviews of extensive geo-formations, slow motion or accelerated movie pictures and being continuously spoiled with harmony of finely selected music. Seeing this Opus there is no other way than to preserve this nature for generations to come. Best cinema, excellent camera work and fascinating perspectives. Go! See! Inhale. Merits all admiration.

And all top awards."

Prof. Prof. Dr. Dr. Erich Wintermantel  

Former Professor of Medical Engineering

"Many thanks from my heart for this beautiful evening in Zurich. To wander around the beauties of our planet through your eyes was an unforgettable event. Since my earliest youth I have been loving the sea and waves on the coastlines, as well as endless desert landscapes. Many of your pictures have touched my heart and soul."

Rainer Metzger

"Many thanks for your invitation to this successful film evening! Your pictures are exciting, and the interaction with the music is more than amazing."

Corinne Rossi

Praesens - Film AG, Zurich

"Thanks again from my heart for this beautiful film evening ... this is a monumental work and absolutely impressive. In some moments your pictures seem unreal, so vivid and precise. I was especially impressed about your Icelandic "narration" ... I have never been there: simply beautiful. Your bird's flying shots are phantastic, and I cannot imagine how much patience was needed. I do hope that many people can enjoy your film in the future!"

Brigitta Fink

"You brought nature to us in the most impressive way ... the pictures and sceneries are brilliant. Many shots of details which I often pass by carelessly in daily life ... and these scenes from Iceland which I have not visited yet ... simply amazing. The selection, overall composition, and integration of the music in its entirety is perfect."

Prof. Dr. Paul Zbinden

"I am still caught in these countless, fascinating landscape sceneries ... some seemed quite unreal to me. The virtuoso symbiosis of music and nature pictures make the film a very special experience. Congratulations to this masterpiece! Hard to believe that this is a one man's work. I hope many people will have the opportunity to see this film."

Dr. Ueli Grunder

"We want to cordially thank you for this comprehensive and affectionate evening. Your movie has deeply impressed us by:

  • The power and silence in your pictures

  • The focus and depth

  • The brilliance of colors

  • The unsophisticatness and beauty

  • The powerful music and balanced cut

  • The awesome image and sound quality

We do hope you keep your love for nature, the world​, and life ... your film animates to take care about our environment."

Anita & Simon Müller

"Congratulations from my heart to your film. It was a beautiful evening, unbelievable images composed with perfect music ... super! Nature is simply gorgeous and so beautiful, thank you for these insights!"

Jeanette Ganz

"The music is beautiful and the images are simply stunning. Unbelievable what you have put together. We admire your courage and power of endurance. Glad to see that there are still people around like you who risk so much for their dreams."

Karin & Marcel Suter